Jimmy Choo Troy Woven Clutch

  1. Hi lovely ladies

    I'm new to this thread and hoping I can get some advice/feedback from others who may own the same bag. :smile:

    I just purchased my first Jimmy Choo bag, the Troy in a gorgeous woven gun-metal grey colour. When I got home I noticed that in natural light some parts the fabric is "lifting" and you can see the whites of the sides. On another part I've noticed a bit of the grey leather peeling off ever so slightly (like paper).

    Its difficult to explain so I've attached a pic which might hopefully show you what I mean - you can see the fabric lifting just next to where that buckle is:


    This is the bag, the lifting is overall not noticeable from afar but I'd hate to think that over time it might get worse:


    So I'm wondering if anyone else with the same bag has had this problem? Any advice would be much appreciated!

  2. I would hate that! :wtf:

    When I purchase a new bag I want it to be in perfect!

    I'm sorry to say, I'm a little concern about the quality control on the Jimmy Choo bag's I love so much :O

    My friend just received a bronze maddy from the online on sale and it has scratches.
  3. I own this bag in gold. It is gold on the face of the woven strands but more natural on the edges. It gives a very different look from the sides than dead on. It almost goes from gold to silver. Very versatile. The color variation is not a defect.Go to the celeb section you will see the same effect. I would be concerned about peeling though. I have not experienced this and have used my Troy quite a bit. I also have a silver Mahala that has weathered fabulously!
  4. I have no experience with this style of Choos, but if it is peeling, I would contact the store you purchased it from and see if they would exchange it for you. It is a Gorgeous bag :yahoo:and I truly hope it doesn't turn you off on Choos:sad:
  5. That is a beautiful bag! I've been thinking about a troy and that is a great color. I think Samantha is correct in that you will see different shades in different light. It is probably that the metallic color is only on the outside of the leather and the edges are cut so they are not metallic. I have an older red metallic Choo and although you can see where some of the metallic has worn around the handles, it is still gorgeous. I'd keep it!
  6. Thank you girls for your feedback.

    I went back to Harvey Nichols where I purchased the bag and exchanged it for another one which I'm very happy with. Under the flourescent light you can hardly tell that some parts are lifting and that there is a bit of peeling which is why I didn't notice it yesterday.

    I am so, so happy as I really love the style and colour and would have been devastated if I had to return it - although truth be told, I probably would have kept it anyway because it was already 50% off!

    Anyway, this has NOT turned me off JC bags - I love the designs and already looking out for my next purchase