Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

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  1. Thanks for letting us know!! The sunglasses seeem really big... or is it just me?
  2. They have them at NM on line, as well and they are available. They all seem kinda big to me as well. I am going to San Francisco on the 17th and will be trying on all styles they have available. I really like the ones with the knot on the side frames.
  3. I tried them on and they were all way too big for me. I know that is the style now, but its just not my thing.
  4. They look so big to me too.
  5. Oh the Annie's will be mine soon! I need them in black and brown. and these sandals!
  6. OOOOOh I love thoes sandles too!
  7. hi guys! we sold these glasses before they OFFICIALLY came out to other stores.

    all aren't as gigantic as they seem. the annie, lisa and jane aren't big at all. just a fyi for those that were interested
  8. ^^ I agree, Boo is huge but that's the style. I especially love Charlie, they're a huge favorite.