Jimmy Choo Sues.....

  1. well quite a few people. I read this in a paper awhile back & found this story so you guys could all read. It is based on a new ruling where a designer now only has to pinpoint one feature as being copied from the design where as perviously the item in question would have to have been identical, I wonder if more designers will follow this

    BBC NEWS | Business | M&S caught in copycat design row
  2. thanks for the read!

    i know designers are trying to get some law into effect, of patenting a design. it's especially devestating if you're a new designer and it gets swept up by the h&ms and forevers chain.
  3. I see it happen all the time, it is hard to really be original anymore.
  4. i know!

    and it sucks. think about it. lets say dvf never made the "wrap" and fast foward to now with the advances we've made in media and technology.

    if she was a struggling artist, (haha i call designers artists).

    she could produce this and someone with the resources and money can come along, steal the design, produce and distribute and make tons of money.

    if the houses cannot stop these copycats from taking their works, then what's to say about the struggling designers?

    i know that things can tend to overlap, sometimes accidently, but we all know that the disposiable chains get their inspiration from fashion week.
  5. maybe there is some hope in sight.
  6. This is greatly impact the low and mid proced brands.
  7. I know that DVF is trying hard to make some changes. I only have issues with copying when you do it knowingly. For example, I don't care what anyone says...Steve Madden copied Christian L without having to obviously paint the bottom of the soles red BUT I want to ask OH Deer what was the point in doing so:rolleyes: IMO, it is like wearing a rep LV or chanel. Yes CL does not have a copyright or trademark on the red soles BUT still we all know who is it referenced to when we see it.