~Jimmy Choo subforum request~

  1. Megs and Vlad:

    I’d like to respectfully suggest that you consider creating a Jimmy Choo handbag subforum.

    JC has been in the handbag business for about four years now, and in my opinion, has quickly established itself among the leading premiere handbag designers with a string of big hits. Upon the launch of its handbag line in August 2003, the “Tulita” bag was an instant sellout; the New York Times called it the new “waitlist champion.” JC followed up with the “Ross” bag, a key “it” bag of 2005. Then in early 2006 came the “Ramona”--probably JC’s biggest hit yet, which is still going strong in its fourth or fifth season. People magazine gushed, “Just ask style-savvy celebs and they’ll tell you Ramona’s the best--it’s certainly one of the most popular bags from the spring-summer '06 season.” The “Mahala,” which followed in fall 2006, has also enjoyed huge popularity.

    It seems to me that there has been a big spike in chatter about JC on tPF the past three or four months, and numerous members have purchased JC bags recently. From what I can tell, the level of interest seems somewhat comparable to that in Bottega Veneta and Tokidoki, which each recently received their own subforums. When I do a search on the handbags portion of the site, I find more than 100 threads with “Choo” in the title—and there are many many more threads primarily about JC bags that don’t have “Choo” in the title as well. These JC threads date way back to the beginning of tPF, including a post by Megs herself in September 2005.

    I love tPF, and I appreciate all the effort that Megs and Vlad put into keeping it running smoothly. It’s their baby, and their call on how to organize things, of course. I just thought I’d make my little pitch, for what it’s worth. Thanks for providing this feedback dropbox for members to make suggestions, whatever you decide. :yes:
  2. Megs and Vlad, I completely concur with everthing that Cosmo has said, especially about it's your time and hard work that keeps the whole forum going, but can we please, please have a seperate JC forum, love from a total JC obsessive xxx
  3. I'm also in support of the JC subforum, I love their bags :love:

    Also while I'm here just wanted to say thanks Megs & Vlad; tPF is fab!!!
  4. I support this too :biggrin: their bags are really cute!
    it would be great to have a forum for JC ^^
  5. I'd LOVE to see a Jimmy Choo subforum! I actually found this forum when I was looking for a Jimmy Choo bag.
  6. I'd like to see one too. There are many threads about JC handbags. It would be nice to have them all in one sub forum.
  7. I would love to see a JC subforum. I too have purchased a JC bag in recent months and love the line.
  8. There is a definite need for a JC subforum. Upon joining, I must say that I was disappointed to find that there wasn't already one. This would be a great addition to the forum.
  9. I greatly support a JC subforum. Out of 30-40 bags that I own, I have my top 3 favorite; 2 of my 3 fav are Jimmy Choo bags. They have a very loyal following and a subforum, would not be a disappointment.
  10. Dear Vlad & Megs,
    Cosmopolitan stated it wonderfully! As an newer active member, I love the forum and have really felt the growing resources and friendships established here are priceless. I look forward to continued relationships with fellow Jimmy Choo lovers and as a HUGE fan of JC bags, I would also like to be able to share my passion with fellow JC lovers. I am also willing to assist with any additional assistance to help make this happen.:yes:
    Thank you for your time and consideration in the matter and also for all you two do to make this such a Wonderful place to hang out.:flowers:
  11. I would love to see a JC subforum. =)
  12. I LOVE JC! My bordeaux patent Riki is one of my favs!
  13. I would LOVE to have a Jimmy Choo sub forum too!
    Cosmopolitan did a great job putting words and suggesting our beloved Jimmy Choo find a place here.

    Thank you for letting me share my thoughts :smile:
  14. Would love a JC subforum also. Thanks.
  15. I would hang out in a JC subforum. :p