Jimmy Choo style Ramona

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I was curious to know your thoughts on this Jimmy Choo inspired Ramona.
    Just to be clear, it's not a "fake."

    This is a link to the page - it's the one in the middle for $275.

    Town Shoes - Fall|Winter|2006

    I saw it in real life and I found it to be a little too matte for my taste.
    I also thought $275 seemed a little high for an inspired by bag.
    Can anyone recommend any other Jimmy Choo inspired by Ramonas?

    I saw one at Lush Fashions but I have heard bad things about the quality of these bags - although I don't know about this one in particular:

    Lush Fashions

    Does anyone own this Lush bag? And if so, what is the quality like? Is it worth buying?

    Please help me find a suitable alternative to this Jimmy Choo Ramona which is SO out of my price range, and even I could afford it - well, it's not even available in Canada!

  2. so inspired is not fake?
  3. Well I personally don't think "inspired by" is fake..IF the website is clearly marking their pictures as "inspired by". I looked at Lush and they aren't clear about this; therefore I would steer clear.

    Jade...look at The Fashion Boutique.net - Designer Fashions - Hand Bags | Hype | Christiana and check out some of their bags. They sell some brands like Tano, Tess Loriani, Aaneta, Charm&Luck, etc. Those are authentic and very reasonably priced (most under $250), and the other ones that are "inspired by" are clearly marked. Tanya is the owner and she is delightful to deal with. Perhaps if you sent her a picture of what you want she may be able to help you...but you may also find a lovely bag on her site. She ships free on all orders and it comes 2 day USPS. Good luck!
  4. Jadejett,

    I bought the bag you posted from Lush fashions three weeks ago. It is wonderful quality work. Amazed it only cost me 149.00. They never say it's a Jimmy Choo bag, so, no, it's not fake. Obviously it is a replica of the Ramona, and a VERY good one at that.

    If you want a roomy tote, that looks great on your arm AND won't cost you your arm then go for it. It's better quality than some of the 'designer' bags I own.:rolleyes:
  5. Thanks so much ladies,

    I'm definitely going to purchase that Lush bag and I checked out thefashionboutique.net and they have so many cool purses that i'm interested in picking up!

    Awesome advice! :yahoo:
  6. I absolutely LOVE that bag! I carry the black leather. Just got it. So glad my hubby understands shallow obsessions! Get one and enjoy! :yes:
  7. very cute bag ...
  8. Wow! That place "inspires" all the trendy bags. Those Stam wannabees are pretty good copies. I just wonder if the quality is any better than the fake/copies of these bags.

    Fendihunter: what is the interior of the "Ramona" lined with? I can't imagine it's suede at that price.

    I just don't think I could carry an "inspired by" bag, even though I like their prices a LOT more. :shrugs:
  9. Of course you can REALLY save some cash at your local J.C. Penney:

    Ramona copy: $54.99. Paddy copy: 24.99 Stam Copy: 27.99
    penneyschoo.jpg penneyspaddy.jpg penneysstam.jpg
  10. ^^^I find this irritating somehow. It cheapens the real designer's bags to my way of thinking. Cheapens JC Penney too. They certainly can afford to come up with their OWN designs....
  11. JC Penney has some great bags by Worthington...most places do replicas, but I'm into originality. Id rather carry around the Worthington bag than carry around a bag to make people think I'm carrying around the real thing.
  12. No, it's not lined in suede, hence the price. The leather is quite supple and the bag is constructed very well. With that being said, no one that knows anything about handbags would ever confuse my bag with the real thing. There are subtle differences that can be easily picked on, and the bag is never passed off as a Jimmy Choo. Actually, when I purchased the bag I hadn't even heard about the Ramona and the website never mentions the name Jimmy Choo.

    Hope this clears up any lingering questions.;)
  13. UUUh why you had to show this,:hysteric: I just got over my infatuation with the ramona. I asked about Lush bags to a while back for this same bag and I got a couple of negative responses about the quality of Lush. I wanted a "run around" bag and thought about the inspired ramona since I love the ramona so much but don't want to pay 1800 and something for a Jimmy Choo.

  14. That was my point when I said it cheapens JC Penney. I've owned, in fact still have and occasionally use, some very nice Worthington bags from them. They are non-descript as far as looking "designer" but still VERY nice bags. Pity they had to play the copycat game...
  15. The Ramona makes an excellent "run around" bag. Close your eyes...buy the real thing from Saks and don't look back. Don't settle if you can help it. Mine is great and I'm almost over the shock of the $1800 spent! :sweatdrop: