Jimmy Choo smoking slippers anyone??

  1. Hi guys!!

    I have a question for those who own jimmy choo smoking slippers. I bought a pair of white leopard pony hair ones, and am debating on getting the silver glitter ones. I realllllly want them!! BUT they seem a bit flimsy, and I would hate to spend $495 on a pair of flat that would only last one season.
    So if anyone has them/wore them please share how they wear and hold up!!

  2. I do not have them, but that style is really hot this year. Maybe wait for a sale to get the silver? Please post pics so we can drool :choochoo:
  3. Don't have them, but they sound cute.
  4. I am warming up to this style. I have some Choo driving mocs which I love so maybe these are next???
  5. Will post pix of them tonight!
  6. I almost got them in black and still drool over them but the style, for me anyway, wasn't worth the price. They seem like the kind of shoe that could go out of style fast, but they are hot this season. If I had a bigger budget I would splurge for sure. To answer your question though, if you got the impression that they're flimsy, I'd stick with one pair for now.
  7. I have the Wheel studded ones. I think they are sturdy enough for a few seasons.
  8. I have the leopard print ones and they are holding up pretty well.