Jimmy Choo Sizing Q's

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  1. there's this pair of jimmy choo sandals on bergdorf that are my size 8.5B


    the thing is, it says there it runs small, which i find true with designer items.

    but today i went to my local dept store, we're a season slower so i tried on a 39 and they were a little too loose. the 38 was only a little too tight. they don't carry half sizes.

    so i mean...they are supposed to run smaller but the 39 was slipping a little on my right foot.

    i'm an 8.5 on my right but my left is more of an 8 that's why i always buy 8.5.

    in MJ i'm 39, miu miu 8.5, gucci 8.5, LV 39...

    what do u think about the jimmy choo sizings??? because i don't want to buy something that won't fit since i can't try it on and returning it would be VERY DIFFICULT...

    help me!!! thanks ladies!
  2. I run similiar to you in these sizes.I MUST go up half a size in jimmy Choo-ALWAYS.
  3. bye bye jimmy choos :cry:
  4. For me, Jimmy Choos are true to my size. I am a size 35 but for high heels (3" and above) like the one you posted I am 34.5
  5. I always go to the half size in JC. I typically need to order the half size directly from the JC boutique (40.5...very seldom carried by department stores...).
  6. oohh half a size up or half a size down?
  7. I think it depends on what kind of shoes they are. For the sandals you posted, maybe a half size smaller. In terms of length, they are try to size. I wear 36 -36.5, but with JC Sandals, because of my skinny toes, 36 fits well but 35.5 is better from preventing sliding to the front. If you have normal toes/feet (not skinny like mine), then stick to your size.
  8. Agreed. I have Jimmy Choo slingbacks that are 5.5 and I usually wear 6.

    But slingbacks are fairly flexible, you can get away with half a size smaller.
  9. I always have to go a half size up...I'm an 8.5 and always wear a 9
    in Jimmy Choo...I hate trying to keep all the sizes in my head for each designer!:shame:
  10. LOL i realize that those who are 5-6 go half a size down
    and those 8-9 go half a size up!!!

    oh god they are so pretty
  11. I am a size 7 1/2 or 8 in most brands of shoes. I wear a 38 in Jimmy Choo sandals, and a 38 1/2 in closed-toe shoes. Hope that helps.
  12. I am usually a 6 1/2 in most shoes. JC sandals I am a 6 1/2. JC closed toe pumps 7 1/2. I would order your true size.
  13. My rule of thumb with JC is I range from 38 (boot) 38.5 (slingback) to 39 (closed toe) and can never tell properly what size I will be unless I try them on.
  14. Go up a half size!