Jimmy Choo shoes?

  1. Hello everybody, yep I'm new here but think this is the place for me! :tup:

    I've been reading and seen that there are a few experts here when it comes to knowing real from fake, may I pick your brains? I've been looking at the shoes on eBay, are they as commonly faked as the handbags? If so what's the giveaways, I only own one pair bought from the shop so don't have enough experience to really know. Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks. :heart:

    P.S Got my eye on these;

  2. I saw those on eBay and personally have my reservations about them. JC do have that style but to me the heat stamp on the sole looks a bit off, and why no picture of the JC tag inside the shoe.

    You may want to post the link in the authenticate these shoes in the glass slipper forum