Jimmy Choo Sample Sale - NYC

  1. All my nyc ladies - who attended the sample sale?

    Who's going today?

    What did you get?
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    I went today! I was ...sort of kicked out because I was there for so long and bought so much. I felt really guilty, though they were pretty nice about it. I made out like a bandit. Half of the stuff is not for me.

    2 belts ($50 each)
    Hunter boots ($100)
    Wallets for gifts ($50 each)
    Clutches ($50-$100 each, except for the Chandra which was $250, but since it retails for $1250 it's still a great price!)
    Sunglasses ($50 each) and cashmere scarf ($75)
    Patent shoulder Rebel ($100) and anaconda Justine ($150)
    Animal print nylon totes for gifts ($50 each, retailed around $400)
    Printed tote for gift ($150, apparently this retailed for $950)
    More scarves ($75) and wallets ($50) for gifts
    Shearling moto boots in camel

    It still came out to a lot, but it's money I would have had to spend on gifts anyway and this way my friends/family get great stuff.

    I still feel badly because I think some of the staff were thinking evil thoughts about me and I hate being disliked/scolded. Still pretty happy, though!
    2014-11-13 15.02.22.jpg 2014-11-13 15.04.38.jpg 2014-11-13 15.05.10.jpg 2014-11-13 15.05.31.jpg 2014-11-13 15.05.46.jpg 2014-11-13 15.06.02.jpg 2014-11-13 15.06.15.jpg 2014-11-13 15.06.24.jpg 2014-11-13 15.07.09.jpg 2014-11-13 15.40.51.jpg
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  3. Whoa!! Congrats! You got some amazing things...I'm super jel of those boots :smile:

  4. LOL!!! I was too! But they were very nice about it and said I could go back to shop more once I checked out the stuff I already had. Which I found was very fair.

    I scored some things that have been on my wish list for ages.

    We scored the same Chandra clutch! I got another snake skin chandra - both for $250 each!
    Box clutch - $50, keychains - $25, a few wallets - $50, Ipad case - $50

    1 pair of python flats, 1 pair of brown leather biker boots and 1 pair of mens python biker boots but were all small enough to fit me - size 39 mens and cut small for $100 - I tried them on and was so happy they fit I think I did a little dance.

    A few 4 pairs of sneakers that my guy has already stored away so I can’t take photos of. He doesn’t understand the idea of reveals - all $100 each

    And my new love - which I have yet to learn the name of - but was told was the only one at the sale as it was a collection ad campaign bag, what ever that means for $450
    IMG_0867.jpg IMG_0869.jpg IMG_0870.jpg IMG_0871.jpg
  5. OMG I LOVE YOUR STUFF. I'm so bummed because my husband is a size 12/45 in shoes, so I couldn't get anything for him (and I am a 35.5 lol, so nothing would fit me. Hopefully our children will average out.) The men's shoes were SUCH a steal, and I was so excited because I found a gorgeous pair of dress shoes thinking that 42 was 12....newp. Sigh.

    And isn't the Chandra clutch a stunner? Especially the lock! It looks like the ones that actually went into production didn't get the locks, but I LOVE it, and prefer it to the one that did make it into stores. I actually went yesterday and ended up coming back because I was so overwhelmed I forgot to look at evening bags, and I really wanted a gold clutch. So glad I waited--they went down in price $100 overnight.

    I'm not exactly crazy about the Justine--it looks kind of boxy and old ladyish to me, plus so inconvenient because it has no shoulder or crossbody strap, no wonder they had so many--but it was SUCH a deal that I couldn't leave it behind.

    I adore that crazy furry/feathery/whatever bag you got there, it's a stunner! Great deal!
  6. Btw, I was there relatively early (lol so shameful) and there were only 2 of those gold Chandra clutches, SO funny that we were the ones who got them!

    Also, so glad I wasn't the only one sort of asked to checkout/leave, I feel much better now :smile: I thought I was singled out for bad behavior (and I feel kind of bad because I WAS sort of behaving badly by being there so long.)
  7. thank you!!
  8. Thank you! The mens shoes were such a steal but you really had to pick up every pair to check the size. The SA kept telling everyone that there were only size 43 left - which was most of the stock but if you looked there were a few 39, 40 and 45 but only a few. Lucky my guy is a 43 so it was really easy to pick a few for him. Which helped him not ask what I brought myself.

    The Chandra is stunning. I couldn’t make it yesterday as I just got back in town late last night but my friend who went yesterday told me they were getting a new shipment of bags today so I though why not drop by.

    So happy I did. I went later in the afternoon, just totally forgot to set my alarm, so I’m even more happy I got the other gold chandra now!

    The SA who asked me to check out was super nice. He said the corporate head was there and I guess was not too happy people were not checking out. A lot of folks were heard talking about waiting around for more discounts, I think. They actually took up all the chairs hopping it would get people to check out but when that didn’t work they had to ask people. They were so nice about holding my stuff to allow me to try on a few more pairs of shoes.

    My friend was asked to check out too. So we were not alone.

    I was going to get a large full python Justine too but found it awkward to carry, so I passed on it, but now I’m kicking myself because it was a great deal. Oh well, next time I hope. They did have so many of them .

    I love your wallets though! They are so nice! Now I wish I had bothered to wake up early. LOL.
  9. I love, love those hunter boots and the metallic clutch! You ladies truly scored today! Is the sample sale always held at this time every year?
  10. This would be worth flying to NYC for the weekend! Great deals...I am so jealous...
  11. Thank you! I think in the past few years, there has generally been a spring/May sale, and a fall/October sale. However, this year there was no spring sale, and the October sale was secret until the last moment and technically not open to the public. So it's hard to tell, and definitely not something you can plan around.

    Considering the rent to space ratio here in NY, I guess you have to take what you can get when it comes to perks!
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    I'm not going to lie: I was totally waiting for them to mark down the scarves so I could grab a few more (I'd bought a few the day before). However, I didn't grab things and hope that they would be marked down afterwards, which would totally be a dick move. I think they thought I was doing that though, which is probably why they were a bit snippy with me.

    As for the wallets, I'd bought the long ones on Wednesday. By the time I got in at around 11am on Thursday, there were none left except the rainbow/panda ones you got, so don't worry, you didn't miss out by not coming in earlier!

    I actually thought the second day of the sale was better. Though I'm glad I was able to get the long wallets on the first day (one for my best friend, one for my mother-in-law) and the scarves were higher quality the first day (I got cashmere ones, by the second day they were all some kind of super thin wool blend, which is why I was hoping they would get marked down), on the second day there were SO many great mark downs.

    Like the $50 table was all $75 the day before. After they marked them down, I grabbed those zebra totes for my friends (similar styles are retailing for $400 on the website still!) and the chain wallets for my brother and male cousins. The Justines were all priced according to the other sample sale prices ($350 for medium, $450 for large, $200 surcharge for exotic skins), the Hunter boots were $375 instead of the $100 I paid, and there wasn't a $100 bin, where I found the Rebel and a few of the clutches. The sunglasses were $100 instead of the $50 I paid (though of course the better styles were gone by Thursday). The floral tote I grabbed for my mother-in-law was $450 the first day, but I only paid $150 for it. Also, all evening bags were priced $100 more ($350) on Wednesday, so we really saved by waiting for the second day. I think for me it adds up to about $2200 saved just by waiting 24 hours.

    I was really disappointed by the shoes. They were still pretty pricey (in many cases no more than half off, especially the glitter flats and sandals). Some of the pumps were gorgeous, but I wouldn't get enough use out of them to justify paying $250/pair. The moto boots were an ok deal ($375 marked down from around $1200) but not like a steal; I only grabbed them because I can wear them pretty much every day.

    Still, all in all a great sale. Out of curiosity I calculated what I would have had to pay retail, and it came out over $20,000, which is insane. Of course, some of the stuff I grabbed has small nicks/damages, but hey, it was almost 95% off. I'm also going to be the favorite daughter-in-law this year at Christmas, heheh.
  13. Thank you! Usually at least twice a year but its usually very last moment. I got my invite just a few days before the sale - which was why I could not make it back for the first day in time.

    That is what I think they thought ppl were doing. Even I heard a few different group of ppl saying how they were only going to buy this or that if it goes cheaper but were holding on to them. This in plain view of and hearing of many of the SA's, so I did understand why they asked me to check out. A few was even asking them when they were going to discount. I did have a pretty big pile of stuff, but they were so nice and held on to my buys so I could go back and buy more so I wasn't really upset. Plus it didn't help that many people kept on asking me if I was going to buy this or that. I was actually happy they allowed me to check the stuff so I didn't have to keep telling ppl I was and seeing them so upset.

    My friend who went both days thought the 2nd was better too. But for a few style of bags that did not show up the 2nd day, she got a black biker, studded blare and a camile for me that was not around the 2nd day.

    I’m just happy the Rob Pruitt collection wallets were still there. I’m a huge fan of the collection and was dancing on the fact it was only $50 down from about $800 and totally sold out. Plus the keychain and luggage tag from the Pruitt line was icing on the cake. Too bad I was a moment too late getting the scarf from the line. Saw a lady with 3 and was green with envy.

    The shoes were a lot more then the last sale. I got a ton of runway boots at the last sale that did not even show up this sale. Fox fur dalia boots and classic moon boots were my faves from the last sale and a few pairs of the $99 heels and flats which were at this sale for $250 and up. So I passed on the ladies shoes.

    I went ahead and did a calculation too - you made me curious. All in all I would have spent over $30,000 retail but spent less then $2,800 including tax so I’m super happy, plus got a few things I’ve been lusting after.

    Though I felt the last sale was much better. More limited runway bags, more collection pieces, lower prices, more bargain shoes and more discounts the last day. They even discounted $100 on the price of a suitcase I got at the last sale because one of the stud feet were not attached to the bag - I later found it inside the case and had it fixed like new.

    The last hour the last sale clutches were all $100, Ipad cases were $10, wallets were $10. A lot was picked over but those were just amazing price points no matter what.

    But this sale had a much larger turn out on the last day compared.
  14. Geez! You killed it in terms of discounts! Congrats! And boo about the lady who stole all the scarves you want. I would have stalked her for awhile lol. I'm really creepy at sample sales.
  15. Hi! Would like to know how can I get an invite for JC sample sale? Thanks