Jimmy Choo Sample Sale in NYC

  1. I just got this info from Daily Candy. Has anyone been before?

    What: Jimmy Choo
    Why: The notorious sample sale with shoes, bags, and accessories
    from 65 percent off.
    When: Aug. 23. Thurs., noon-7:30 p.m.
    Where: Warwick Hotel, 65 W. 54th St., at Sixth Ave.
  2. Wow, thanks for posting this. I am so there!!!
  3. starbuxx -- thanks for posting!!! I'm bummed I have to travel to DC that day and will miss the sale. Hubba can't wait to hear if you get anything good.
  4. Why, why, why do I have to live in Oklahoma? Hope you NYC gals get some great deals!
  5. EKKKKK... I am not in NYC...
    please post pictures on the goodies you ladies get...
    I love JC's shoes!!
  6. I'm not in NY but my Mom is - I wonder if I could pay her to go for me!
  7. WOW!!! Go get 'em you new yorkers!!!!
  8. Rats! I wish I could go to NYC this weekend.I will be in NY, but in Buffalo for a family reunion. Have fun you NY folks.
  9. I tried to find the previous post from last Fall (Nov or Dec) but from the sounds of it, it was a LONG line and a lot of older model shoes that were cheaper on B & G or from SFA. I think there were a few good scores, but not enough to make a special trip to NYC. (I had seriously considered trying to attend the last one, but was relieved when I read the members post who attended) BUT it may be different this year:nuts: Please report if anyone attends:yes:
  10. How come all the fun stuff happens in NY? I'm jealous!:crybaby:
  11. I'd love to go to this!!
  12. I'll go! :yes:

    BF's office is on 49th, and I usually meet him there for lunch. I will try to drag him there ;), but if not, I'll go alone. I looked at DCandy for more info. but could not find it. Does anyone have the link?

    Anyone else going?
  13. Thanks for the tip starbuxxx. Wish I could go:sad:. gr8heart, I will be eagerly awaiting your report. Hope you find something great!
  14. Went a couple years ago, got a pair w/crystals for $75 but still haven't worn it yet. Went too late (at 5pm) I think, but they did have quite a bit of the smaller sizes. :yahoo:
  15. Robyn -- Great memory. I went to the JC sample sale last fall and was one of the people who posted about my experience on here.

    It was not worth the trip! I got there early and waited close to an hour and a half to just get in. The prices were not much less than the sale prices at the boutiques and department stores. The selection was extremely limited. The had the same few styles left in a few colors. The handbag selection was horrible and it did not include the current styles like the Ramona, Riki, Mahala, etc.

    This is only worth the visit if you can get in during the pre-sale events. However, I think you need to be a JC employee or press to get in.