Jimmy choo sample sale in NY

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  1. Is it true that there is a jimmy choo sample sale on NOV 7-8?
    I saw at the daily candy but not quite sure if it is right or wrong.
    Can someone can post any info about this? :nogood:
  2. thanks. i wish they'd have them in LA!
  3. is it going to be at the warwick hotel again>?

  4. It is going to be at Metropolitan Pavilion
    125w 18th street
  5. I went to the Jimmy Choo sample sale in the Metropolitan Pavilion last year. I waited in line for close to two hours. I ended up leaving because I was still not close to the entrance.
  6. yes, it's true, and yes, the lines can get very very long
  7. While it is possible since the Metro Pav is 5 floors....

    The Metropavillion's website is listing Jay Strongwater as the SS for Nov 8-9.

    Are those think it's really going to be that day have confirmation?

  8. I went last year, waited in line for over 2 hours and it was a complete waste of time! The shoes/boots they had were at least 3 seasons behind... I saw one pair that I had bought at Saks Off Fifth the year before at half the price of the sample sale! So the prices were ridiculous, the inventory was old and the wait in line completely not worth it. Sorry!
  9. anyone know what time it starts... i would like to get in early and get out early
  10. i went two years ago -- waited on the line for 45 minutes, and left after 8 minutes. it was the first day of the sale, towards the middle of the day. there wasn't a lot of selection, and most of the shoes looked like they'd been through a war (missing rhinestones, frayed tassels, discolored, etc.). none of it was new stuff or even within the past year, but they were still charging $175+. i wouldn't go to that sale.
  11. Did anyone go today?