Jimmy Choo sales? - a newbie asks

  1. On another thread, a poster mentioned a Jimmy Choo 50% off sale. This got me to thinking...

    Other than the sample sale in NY, are there periodic sale events at Choo boutiques?

    What designer purse events does anyone know about online or at dept stores?

    I love this little smiley: :choochoo:
  2. Hi jburgh and welcome to the Jimmy Choo subforum! There are two Jimmy Choo sales each year tah I know of. The last one started in June and a good selection of items were 30% off. They were later reduced to 50% off. Not exactly sure when the fall winter sale begins. December maybe?
  3. Samantha - are those posted on the JC website, or are they only at the boutiques? Do you get a list of sale items?
  4. jburgh
    The sale is posted on the web site, so go to the jc site and sign up for email updates and then if you keep tabs on the JC thread, we are always gabbing about it prior to the sales. Often times there will be pre sales going on at the various department stores and in this past Summer's sale, my SA let me know prior to the start of the sale and I was able to get a list of the items on the sale. I was not able to post the list, but members were able to ask me if a specific bag they were looking for was on the list and then they were able to call my SA and pre order:yahoo:
  5. ok, robyn, can i just go on record that if this happens on the next big sale, you MUST let me know if there's a deal on a riki!!!! or anything else you may think i'd like since we are apparently long, lost sisters separated somewhere in so. cal! :p