jimmy choo sale!

  1. hi guys,

    i just got back from the jimmy choo boutique, where they have a bunch of purses and shoes on sale..i think they are currently at 30% off...

    happy shopping :smile:
  2. Thanks:tup:
  3. all boutiques are having a sale?
  4. i called the Beverly Hills and the SA told me selected items. I have my eye on Ramona and that styel she said only Suede and Lizard leather are on sale.
  5. Did you guys happen to see any clutch on sale there??? TIA
  6. I wonder if the sale goes for online items too..I'll be checking. Oh dear, I should not have read this thread!
  7. ^Usually, they will hold the sale in the store first, and then online.
  8. they had a couple of clutches on sale!
  9. Jimmy Choo goes 50% off in July every year
  10. Bloomingdales San Francisco's Jimmy Choo boutique is having their sale as well.
  11. I was at the Jimmy Choo in SCP yesterday. They had so many shoes, still available on sale. I purchased a pair of shoes, at 30% off. I had my eye on another pair and the SA told me she would call me as soon as they start their 50% off sale.
  12. I was at the JC in Hawaii a few days ago and they had a hugh selection of bags (ramonas, mahala and pretty much every other one they have), clutches, shoes on sale.

  13. Great to know... thanks!!!
  14. thanks!
  15. OMG... too many sales!!! I can't resist:shame: