Jimmy Choo Saba is here!!

  1. BUT they sent me the brown suede instead of the brown leather as I had requested...sigh, so back to the store it goes and they'll have to send me the other one again...

    Will post pics when the right one finally arrives :angel:
  2. finally...pics--it arrived today and am in :heart: with it...i wasnt sure about the chestnut brown leather at first but the brown suede is a bit darker I think...

    this brown in the nappa leather is just so rich and really striking...

    the bag is very easy to carry, the leather seems durable though...more so than the suede wouldve been i think :okay:

    without further adieu...here are pics!!

  3. sorry--i just got home--cooking dinner for the bf and me so im not particularly well put together right now :shame:




  4. Now is that the medium or large? I agree, leather is a better choice in that one than the suede. I don't know, but leather seems to suit the style more, IMHO.

    p.s. - please add it to our reference library and inventory threads...
  5. Congrats on your new Choo, calisnoopy! :drinkup:The leather looks so comfy and lush. And I love the dark brown color.

    Enjoy your new bag. (Maybe I'll see you toting it around D.C.??? :p)

  6. Oh, that is is nice color! Congratulations...your an IT girl!:wlae:
  7. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  8. Congrats!! I have the large suede so by looking at the size yours is the medium version, right? Love the SABA
  9. Oooh so pretty!! :tup: Congrats!!! Is it heavy??

    ALL - Is Nappa heavier than Calf?
  10. That's a gorgeous color! I'm really in love with this bag in this color/leather combo. :tup: :yes:
  11. this is the medium size...just feels kinda big on me LOL

    but yes--ive always been more of a leather fan vs. suede...
  12. haha maybe...i wonder how many TPF girls I see around the DC area...or even back in LA...
  13. awww haha--thanks!!:shame:
  14. yep its the medium--the large must be much bigger? Im not sure but i figured the medium was big enough for me :love:
  15. hmmmm not sure if nappa is heavier...maybe someone else can shed some light on this...

    and nope--the bangles are the heaviest part but the bag sits nicely on my shoulder and has the slouch but not too much if that makes any sense :rolleyes: