Jimmy Choo Rufina

  1. Hi all My Jimmy Choo cohorts,
    I love the Rufina JC bag, has any one else seen this style? I bought it last month at Nordstroms at South Coast Plaza, also saw at Neimans. It's a hobo style similar to the Ring but larger and great gold hardware like the Ramona. I got it in the deep choco brown. I will try and post photos.:smile: Let me know what you gals think of this style. I'ts also on the JC website if you type in Rufina.
  2. Here is a photo of the Rufina:smile:

    I have seen it at the Nordstrom's here locally and you have a Gorgeous bag:tup:

    Congratulations! I really miss SCP:crybaby:

    That was always one of my most favorite places to shop:yahoo:
  3. I saw this bag when someone was carrying it at the airport a few weeks ago. It looked really great on her! Hers was chocolate brown too. Hey - maybe that was you? :roflmfao: Anyway - I thought the bag was awesome - awesome enough to stop and ask her what the bag's name was...:shame:
    Congrats to you!
  4. I don't frequent this sub often, but I saw this bag at Saks in SF a month or so ago and have been thinking about it since! So lovely and lightweight! Didn't know it was new...YAY
  5. Love Jimmy Choo handbags! Beautiful and they hold up well!!!
  6. lovw the bag :drool: