Jimmy Choo Ross bag or Marc Jacobs Stam


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Nov 16, 2005
It is hard to choose one from these two bags. They are all said to be next it bag after Fendi Spy. Which one you like better? The Jimmy Choo Ross was carried by Teri Hitcher, Brittany Murphy, Liz Hurley and Jessica Simpson. While Marc Jacobs Stam was spotted on the shoulders of Lindsay, Nicky. What is your suggestion? :wacko:


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I love them both! The Choo is structured, while the Stam is slouchy, but both are classic, timeless styles. Even if an 'it' bag, I believe that both would never go out of style because of the design.
Although I think the Stam is cute in pictures, in person, it didn't do anything for me. The Jimmy Choo is cute, and more structured. It depends on what you will be using the bag for. I personally like more structured bags.
What's your style? Do you like the larger, more structured bag, or do you like the quilted look? Try them on in the store to get a feel for them...ask if you can put your stuff in to see if it'll fit your daily necessities.
i like the choo better than the stam, but i like the bag that lindsey lohan is carrying in that pic better than the stam too (it's not the same). and i like the choo in white.