Jimmy Choo Rodeo Drive

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  1. Did anybody see Extra last night? They showed the opening of the new Choo store near Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. Alot of Celebs and News Media and of course Tamera M. was there. They were mainly talking about the shoes, but all the pretty little Romonas, Mahalas/Maddys:heart:, and the new Saba were shown in the background.
    What a gorgeous store! I think it is time to go visit my sister in SoCal!!!! I need to go to this store, if just to look. And of course there are all the other shops there as well....
    Anybody up for a trip???:party::choochoo:
  2. Count me in!! I saw that too...wished so badly I could be there!
  3. Its a great store!
    I was there this weekend - they moved into the old Chanel store - love it and Niki the manager is a doll :smile: