Jimmy Choo "Ring " bag

  1. I would love your opinion on this bag- it's called the "Ring" bag (so I'm told.) Sorry if there have been posts on this bag before...:shrugs: I just got pictures from a SA today-I saw this bag on a friend and although I would probably not normally think about this particular style, it was very interesting IRL. The biker leather was so soft and the watersnake trim against the distressed leather was really eye catching. We were all passing it around admiring it. What do you all think?
  2. Other pics, although I think some are turned around:
    ringback.jpg ringfront1.jpg ringfront2.jpg ringinterior.jpg ringside2.jpg
  3. I love this bag! :drool: It has been on the Neiman Marcus site since last fall and I have contemplated it a few times, but just never purchased it.
    IMO, a Rianne would look great on you:lol:
  4. Hi Marly:

    I like this bag too. I'm just afraid that since I'm relatively short (5' 4"), it might be too long for me. :rolleyes: But if you've tried it on IRL and you think you can handle it, go for it. It's very rocker chic, IMO. :rochard:

    Megs actually posted about this bag in her tPF front-page blog back in December:
  5. Marly this bag is on my list! It is so pretty in person. I have not bought it yet because there is a new taupe/ecru color coming out for fall that I heard is TDF.I love it in black also.
  6. ^^^Ummm...you think so, do you?:lol: :lol:
  7. Thanks, Cosmo- I guess I missed Meg's post before. BTW, the girl who had this bag is tiny-very thin and about 5'4"ish-it looked great on her. She's got such confidence with her clothes though. I would have thought it was too long for me as well, but it looked good on all of us, and we all took turns wearing it on our shoulders!
  8. Marly, I'm not sure about this bag as well b/c it's long for my petite frame. Since you already tried it on & like it, go for it. =) What color are you thinking of?
  9. Ooooo very nice
  10. Love it. Another gorgeous JC bag.
  11. This bag reminds me of Jimmy Choo's take on the Balenciaga Day.
  12. That's a HOT bag!
    Really Love it!
  13. I have a ring bag on it's way to me:yahoo:.I will post pics as soon as it arrives;)
  14. Wow Samantha:drool: I am so wanting this Jimmy :choochoo: bag too. I can't wait to see you wearing!
  15. Samantha.. please post pictures modeling this bag.. its very interesting!!