Jimmy Choo reparation service?


Sep 26, 2021
Hello, does anyone know if Jimmy Choo offers reparation service? Is it complementary or they charge for it?
I bought my wedding Choos directly from their website almost 5 years ago, I wore them only for my wedding, and max 5 times afterwards... I kept them in their original box, in dust bags and stuffing paper to "keep" the shape. Since I moved recently, when I was unpacking my shoes, I was shocked to see that leather actually peeled off from both shoes on the inner side! This never happened to me, not even with cheap Zara shoes. I'm so so so disappointed in the quality... Needles to say that they served me only for reception/ceremonies, I never danced in them, I was really careful (and I can't wear heels for long).
Since I do not wanna get rid of them (sentimental reasons of course), I would like to get them repaired. It bothers me too much to look at shoes in this shape...







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Jun 21, 2021
Metallics in general do have a tendency to not age well (same issue with Chanel metallic bags).
I would probably call the boutique I bought it from and ask them about fees and repairs.

Though, have a plan B in mind, and also ask around for a cobbler or leather/shoe repair shop that specializes in designers heels.

On a side note, looking at where the damage is, those areas/corners are high risk for scuffs during wear. The direction and shape of the marks do appear to look more like a scratch than leather peeling. I'm not saying you're not careful (I'm definitely not careful), but it's still quite possible that it got scuffed while in use and you may not have noticed. Just my opinion of course.

Hope they can be fixed! I love Jimmy Choo heels, very comfortable.
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Aug 31, 2008
After five years, I believe it would be simpler to find a cobbler.

agree with above Post by @lill_canele that it looks like a scrape . In addition, depending on changes in temperature and humidity or lack of air circulation, items stored can discolor or change even in the box. (I had a pair of Manolo ring lizard that become yellowed in my closet).


Sep 26, 2021
Yes I think it is from wear and tear, but I'm just disappointed of so poor quality, I wore them maybe 5 times in total :sad:
I have few others metallic shoes that are 10x cheaper (zara etc), and they seems to be much more durable! Can't bear that so expensive shoes are done so poorly... :/

I will ask in the store, but I guess the fastest way to get them repaired is to find cobbler ...

Thanks ladies :flowers:
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