Jimmy Choo Red Crocodile Riki

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  1. My SA from the Houston Jimmy Choo store called and they got in a a Red Croc Riki yesterday. She says it is TDF. Just wanted all to know in case they were interested.

    713-621-9404 (SA/manager Cortney)
  2. Wow! Sounds fabulous. But probably really expensive, right?
  3. Any pic??
  4. no sorry no pics, They do not produce alot of these bags, therefore they are not in catalog pics. For instance in the fall, they made the Ross in Red crocodile and they only made 2 in th world. The Riki was sent to Houston for me but I decided to pass on it considering I got a crocodile bag the night before this one came in.
  5. Oh WOW that sounds gorgeous!
  6. ooh, i would be interested to see what it looks like! somone should get it and take pics!!! :supacool:
  7. sounds pretty and expensive!
  8. went by the store las night and saw it IRL. The color is beautiful it is a semi dark matte red. the price is12k
  9. holy christ on crutches, that sounds amazing!!!
  10. :wtf: :wtf: 12K for a JC purse??? :shocked: That is almost 1 years worth of house payments!!!!
    I love the bags and if I were a millionaire, maybe:confused1: .
  11. :love:
    I would love to see this bag.
  12. It's time to buy a lottery ticket......:drool:
  13. :shocked: 12K!
  14. whoa! Think I'll pass but I'm sure it's beautiful.