Jimmy Choo recent collection thoughts?

  1. Am I the only one who is not impressed with the number of shoes in the recent collections with "updated" heel shapes? Like the sculpted heel on the Dee, or the metallic heels on the Toronto (and many other styles)? I fell in love with JC because of the sexy elegance of the classic JC heel shape, and I don't like all these styles that stray from that original design. :s

    Anyone else have similar (or heck, opposite) feelings/thoughts?
  2. I agree. I have loved Jimmy Choo shoes for years and years. These days I have been disappointed. I find them too high or too low. I also love their classic heel.
  3. I agree I love JC for the classic sexy JC heel. not a fan of the whole new trend with the "updated" heel. I find this new heel to be bulky & chunky. not my idea of sexy.....
  4. I don't like the addition of chunky heels, also don't like flat styles and don't like metal heel on CHoos as well, to me that's Aldo level.
  5. i used to buy at least 3 or 4 pairs every season, when jimmy choo or his niece was the designer...nowadays, i barely even go to the store when they have their sales. styles and design quality has dramatically decreased since the original designers left.
  6. My last JC purchase was the Heather Corset pumps several seasons back - I've tried on pairs from their newer collections, and just haven't found them to be as elegant.
  7. I agree, I hate the "updated" heels
  8. i agree. i used to love their collections when i was younger and couldn't afford to buy them, now i can i don't really like them anymore. i bought the momo flats a few seasons ago and was not impressed when the colour started rubbing off them. i could have bought shoes for a lot less if that's what is going to happen.
  9. Nothing really wows me.
  10. I was a fan but now ....meh.....it'll change
  11. I totally agree. I own a TON of JC shoes, but didn't get anything in almost a year b/c I have not been pleased with the collections. I think I am getting 2 pair this year and one of them is house, so it doesn't count. 2 Winters ago was amazing and I must've bought 1/2 of the collection... I wish it were like that again!
  12. I love the nude colored Idea patent pumps from the new spring line! My husband surprised me with them for my bday. I love the heel-slightly chunkier but the shoe goes with everything-so versatile!