Jimmy Choo Ramona

  1. Which color for the Jimmy Choo Ramona? Stone or Navy? Both are neutral and year round colors, which one?
  2. i vote for navy, its so rich looking
  3. Thanks, I agree! :smile:
  4. I like the Navy color.
  5. Another vote for the navy!
  6. Definitely navy. I saw it in brown a couple of weeks ago, it's a very rich color :love:
  7. Navy ...
  8. I am seriously falling in love with this bag, especially the navy and the brown!!! Have you seen it in person? How big is it? Must post pics if you get it- it's amazing!
  9. NAVy all the way!
  10. Navy is too blue for me, so will be the lone supporter for stone! (Or brown...)
  11. definitely the navy. it is beautiful, a midnight navy. very dark. the leather so soft.
  12. Navy. So elegant!
  13. I also vote for Navy. It's such a classic and beautiful color.
  14. Love the navy! Will be gorgeous with jeans and a t-shirt!
  15. Ok, navy it is!! :smile: It is quite a large bag. I'm loving the jeans and t-shirt comment, live in them! :smile: