Jimmy Choo Ramona

  1. We don't talk too much about Jimmy Choo and this is the first bag I think is amazing - I am asking a special favor here - I want to buy one on ebay because I'm not going to my local Jimmy Choo and deplete my bank account - I am not sure what is real or not ( I do know the too good to be true situations) but if anyone runs into an authentic Ramona for sale, as a fellow PF person, would you let me know??? Thanks guys.
  2. Suzy.. I PMed you
  3. I don't own one but I love the look of this bag.:love: What colour do you hope to get? I love the chocolate and the stone (impractical I know but it looks sooo pretty.)
  4. Good luck! The price tag is hard to take, but it is so worth it!

    I've used mine nearly everyday this week!
  5. I just posted a thread about the Ramona. What is it that you like so much about this bag?
  6. I wasn't familiar with the bag at all, saw a woman wearing it at my Pilates class (of all places) and I thought it was stunning and I complimented her on it and caught the name on the front of the bag - simple as that - you see it, you love it, you want it - then you price it - aagh!!! what a bummer!
  7. Thanks Pinkish, I got it but you know what?? Still too high. I think I'm going to have to get over it - Going to Paris in 10 days, I'll console myself with an LV.
  8. I'd recommend steering clear of eBay for a Ramona. There are already Chinese made fake Ramonas all over the place. Sick but true.....
  9. Some of the Ramona fakes are almost funny, in that none of the large details are right. Others get everything right but the tiniest things.

    The Ramona is an amazing bag. I rarely get all lustful for bags I know I won't ever own, but there's just something about it that made me break that rule. The Bordeaux patent is particularly lovely.
  10. Authentic Stone Riki
    eBay: Auth JIMMY CHOO STONE RIKI Ramona Bag BNWT Sold Out! (item 110033474706 end time Sep-24-06 19:34:43 PDT)