Jimmy Choo Ramona

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  1. Wow, Has anyone seen this purse? I just saw it in People magazone and it is gorgeous! I love the blue color - I think they showed a picture of Jessica Alba with that one.
  2. I haven't seen it in person, but have admired it recently in magazines.
  3. Which issue? I have a script', I wanna go see!
  4. This one...?

    Jimmy Choo Leather Tote...

  5. there's also the smaller choo...


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  6. Karla, that's exactly the question on my mind! I got the navy Ramona off of saks.com on Sunday, and am still waiting for them to ship it to me. I'll post pics once it gets here.
  7. Yes, Jessica Alba also has a orange Choo bag

    Lindsay Lohan have them both we have seen

  8. i think the Ramona is the one Jess has got.


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  9. Damn, I wish I had their closets :Push:
  11. I bought the Ramona from Saks.com and already sent it back. It was a gorgeous bag but the navy color was darker than I expected (almost black) and the buttery soft leather was prone to marks/scratching. It was really soft and squishy and oh so tempting, but I knew I wouldn't be happy with the bag when it got all marked up. Great looking bag though...
  12. ...my thoughts exactly. I love them ALL!!!!!!!!!
  13. I agree with Valerieb. I have the black ramona on hold at Saks to pick up today but it is just way to soft, so on that note I think I'm going to not purchase. What a shame, when you look at the picture it is such a great looking bag. Also, I think it looks more fallish than spring -summer. Can see that bag with a turtle neck and jeans.
  14. I'm liking the orange. There's a choo boutique (hahaha...sneeze...heheheh) @ Phipps, maybe I'll pop in and see what it looks like.
  15. I like the magenta bag LiLo has on :love: