Jimmy Choo Ramona

  1. I spotted a girl wearing it and I hate to say it, it's looked terrible on her. I don't know, it just looked too big and didn't seem to work with her body shape or something. It was somehow disappointing to see such an expensive bag to look so bad... Why is that? The bag looks so great on a shelf at Nordies...:confused1:
  2. Not every bag suits every lady.That is the beauty in finding the one(or two;) )that truly look great on you.I also saw someone wearing a Ramona lately and it looked terrible.But then again....it was fake.
  3. guccidiva, I have yet to see anyone carry that bag in person... but I dunno why it looked so so on her. The bag doesn't seem odd or too big...seems like anyone can pull it off.
  4. ^^ I agree. Gucci diva, maybe the bag was a fake? Maybe. I just don't think the JC Ramona is one of those bags where it takes a certain someone to make it look good.
  5. it's an amazing bag! I tried it on in a gorgeous raspberry color, but passed. On my 5'4" frame, the proportions were OK but not at that price point.
  6. I've seen the Ramona being worn over the shoulder and handheld and it looked HOT!

    Smokin HOT!
    Absolutely TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe the one you saw was a fake :yucky: and just did not hang right
  7. I've never seen a real Ramona look bad on anyone--including me, I hope! :rolleyes: Many different members have posted pics wearing them, and they all look good. It's a very easy-to-carry bag; not too big or awkward at all.
  8. I've not seen the bag being carried in person, but in any pics i seen it looked great. I agree with the other posters it could be a fake you seen
  9. And here's some pics of it being carried different ways by celebs...

    Lindsey Lohan

    Jessica Alba

    Victoria Beckham

    Jessica Simpson
    Lindsay Lohan.jpg Jessica Alba2.jpg Victoria Beckham.jpg Jessica Simpson2.jpg
  10. I love that bag. I just can't get myself over the 1k mark yet.
  11. I now own two Ramonas, one in Burgundy and one in Black. I have to believe even a homeless woman or one of my cats would look great carrying either one! It almost HAD to be a fake that you spotted.
  12. I'm just curious what was was the woman's body type/height?
  13. I like the Riki. It's still roomy but shows the details of the bag much better because it's not as big.
  14. ^^^Yes, the Riki is nice too. But the Ramona is really not that big. Although it's a larger tote, it's nowhere near as big as my YSL Oversize Muse, for instance. And the details show up just fine! Here's a pic of my bordeaux patent Ramona. :love:


    I guess I would say that the Riki is more "purse" size while the Ramona is more "tote" size. It depends on what you need.
    my Ramona.JPG

  15. :roflmfao: