Jimmy Choo Ramona, Talia, Ripple & Ross ~ what do you think?

  1. Hello ladies,

    I am thinking of bringing these lovely Jimmy Choo handbags to sell in my store. They are past season models from a boutique store in Italy so I'm getting a little discount from US retail store prices. I think they are gorgeous but Jimmy Choo is not a brand I have carried before so I need your expert opinion in letting me know which ones you like so that I know what to bring in. The store only has 1 of each available so I have to hurry and give them an answer before they are sold so all comments/opinions are welcome.

    The models are JC Talia, Ramona, Ross and Ripple (only sold to the Europe market).

    Thank you in advance!!:smile:
    jimmychooramonanavy.JPG jimmychooramonastone.JPG jimmychooripplenavy.JPG jimmychooripplestone.JPG jimmychoorosswhite.JPG
  2. Two more pics:
    jimmychootaliatan.JPG jimmychootaliawhite.JPG
  3. I think they are great choices
  4. They are lovely bags, all of them.
  5. Love all of them:yes:
  6. I agree they are all lovely, but I'm not as wild about that one with the tassle and the patterns.
  7. I think the Ramona style would sell really well.
    Good luck!
  8. I like Ramona a lot
  9. Thank you! I know that the Ramona retails for $1850 USD + taxes in the stores. Even though they are past season, my price from the boutique for the blue and the stone is quite high, double to triple of what they are selling on eBay for, which tells me, sadly, that most on eBay are fake, as the authentics really hold their price.

    So I'm wondering if I sell them for $1599 on my website, as clearly eBay won't be an option, will people buy? There would be no taxes and free shipping. Total savings over retail would be about 22%.

    Also, do you like the Ripple (pics 3 and 4) or the Talia (pics 6 and 7) better?

    Sorry for all these questions, just want to be sure as I've never sold these before so I have no clue how the market for them is.
    The quality of the leather and the interior of the styles you picked are wonderful!
  11. I love the Ripple and the Ross.
  12. I think the Ramona and the ripple are gorgeous. They would probably sell best!!
  13. Thank you so much ladies for your valued input! I will go ahead and buy the ramona blue and stone and the same in the ripple and I hope there are wonderful ladies out there like yourselves who will appreciate their beauty and purchase them from my website. Have a great day!
  14. Me too. :hrmm:
  15. I have ramona, rasia, and rosso and love them all! If you find any rasia bags, please let me know.