Jimmy Choo Ramona (Navy) available @ BG website

  1. Thanks Foxy!...for the info...I got one!!
  2. wow you got the last one!
  3. The Navy Ramona is a great buy.
    I have one and you will not regret it ;)
  4. Foxycleopatra: You are saved! =)
    Pursemama: Congrats. =)
  5. :lol: :lol: ! Thanks!
  6. Congrats, Pursemama. I love, love, love this bag...purchased one in stone yesterday...
  7. Rats! Too late. I love this bag!
  8. If anyone is looking for a Ramona, I have a brand new Navy AND chocolate that my S/A sent to me "by mistake". Imagine my horror when I saw my AmEx bill! I'm going to return them tonight but if anyone wants them, let me know and I will have my S/A hold them for you. I'd prefer to do it that way rather than me selling to you.
  9. they had a Ramona at Jimmy Choo Atlanta last weekend, i didn't go in, i just saw it sitting on a table when i walked past, but it was either black or navy. might be worth a call for anyone looking for one!

    and no tax if you don't have a JC boutique in your state.
  10. Saw a chocolate Ramona and Jimmy Choo South Coast Plaza today.
  11. My Choo report... Stone & Navy Ricki and Chocolate Ramona at JC Houston. Also, the Navy & Chocolate Ramonas that I just returned to Saks!
  12. Daisy, How would you describe the stone color?
  13. Well.... I can think of no better description than "fleshy-beige". It is undeniably pretty but there is a bit of pink to it. To me, it's a little too fleshy and light in color to be especially versatile for my wardrobe. Again, it's pretty but it doesn't put me over the edge. I'll be curious to hear what you think!

    Oh, and let me just say that it was VERY difficult for me to return the Chocolate. :cry: Like.. painful.
  14. It will be interesting... Chocolate is amazing and black is super-fuctional...will see if stone finds a permanent home with me sometime next week...