JIMMY CHOO Ramona...LOVE This Bag!

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  1. Feel in love with JC Ramona...pics of chocolate...


    From the JC website...

    Soft calf leather handbag available in stone, lime, navy, brown. Also available in camel or coffee crocodile. Dimensions: Inches: L17 x H11 x W10, cm: L43 x H28 x W25 1/2

    Sounds like stone and lime will no longer be available. Thinking about black now...

    Have her loaded and ready to go...can't wait to break her out this week!
  2. :love: :love: :love:

    I posted this in the other thread, but they are supposed to be coming out with new colors in March (I read). Nothing so far, but I've heard there will be a metallic and a burgundy. I'm going to try to get some more scoop on that front.
  3. Very pretty!!!!! Love that gorgeous brown! Is it heavy at all and how does it close? Does it have an open top?
  4. It does have an open top (leather strap across to clasp in front). Some find it a bit heavy. I do not... (used to those paddy bags)...

    Daisy, Did you indicate that the black will be available through Saks soon?
  5. I absolutely love the Ramona in Chocolate! It's too big a bag for me, but damn I am jealous! LOVE IT!
  6. It's really cute, how do you find the leather on the bag ?
  7. Wow!!!:love:
  8. I LOVE that bag! It's just a way too big for me. Congrats to you!
  9. The leather is amazing.

    Kat, There is now a smaller version of the bag as well. I believe it is called the "Rikki" (or something similar...it is approximately 60-70% or so of the Ramona size, but the styling is similar...double handles, double row of grommets, etc.)
  10. The leather is scrumptious! Congrats, SoCal!
  11. Love it, SoCal!! I think it looks beautiful in the brown!
  12. Congrats! Lovely bag.....
  13. Could this be the "rasia"? I really like the Ramona, but it is too big for me. Does "rasia" sound right to you?
  14. Pics of my stone ramona!:love:
    jc1.JPG jc3.JPG jc5.JPG
  15. Gorgeous bag Socal, great buy.. I want one in navy. And I love it in stone greenie.!