Jimmy Choo Ramona in Chocolate??

  1. Hi everyone! I have been a lurker for awhile now, but this is my first post:yes: To make a long story short. . . I ordered a Jimmy Choo Ramona in Navy, loved it, but did not love the color for my wardrobe. I am now searching for one in chocolate. I submitted an inquiry on the Jimmy Choo website, but as of yet, have not gotten a reply. If anyone has seen one around anywhere recently please give me a heads up so that I can call and snatch it up. I have also been going back and forth a bit between chocolate and black - opinions? Thanks for your help. I hope to start posting more in the future and get to know everyone better!
  2. I just got a chocolate one thru Saks last week from their locator service - there are still a few available and more expected for fall. Ironically I put in a request to the JC website several weeks ago too and just heard back yesterday that it's available at their NYC boutique - but I imagine the return policy from a boutique isn't as good. I can PM you the contact details if you're interested!
  3. The Ramona in CHOCOLATE is available at Saks NYC (as of this evening) - give them a call....1st floor handbags. Much better than ordering from the boutique where there's no returns/only exchanges or store credit. Good luck!
  4. Thanks you two! I am going to give Saks a try tomorrow.
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