Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Ramona...Do you have the bag? Do you love it?

Socal- you have a beautiful collection and the Ramona would be a great addition! I think that bag is not only gorgeous and wearable, but so classy, it doesn't seem like the kind of bag you'd get sick of. I have never seen it in chocolate- if you get it please be sure to post a pic!!!
Had I not seen this bag in person I would have swept right over it. I was curious when I saw it on Jessica Alba but when I saw the pic and price on BG I was pretty much turned off.... until I saw it IRL and then I fell in love immediately. The leather on this bag is so soft and scrumptious. When I carry it over my shoulder I fondle the bottom of it like a baby's bum (ack, not that I fondle a baby's bum!). I think the gold grommets stand out so nicely and make it a classic beauty, not trendy at all. Oh, and then the interior! It's a gorgeous light beige (yikes) suede that's trimmed with lilac ribbon (that was the clencher for me). The whole bag just has a nice feel and I actually find it light for a tote (look what I'm used to) and comfortable to wear. I do wish the bottom had more structure so it would hold its shape. AND I do find it a bit cumbersome to get into at times.

I have the navy. I later ordered the hobo style (I forgot the name) in chocolate and it was nice but I dunno... I think I'd prefer the color to be a little darker or richer. I found it nice but not nice enough to keep. Then again, maybe it's just me and brown bags.... I don't have a single one because I never think they look good on me.

In summary :lol:, it's a great bag but a pricey one. I have considered selling it since I just don't have enough TIME for all my beauties and this one has been neglected lately but there is NO WAY I could part with it. Oh wait, I was summarizing. I definitely wouldn't pass it up without seeing it in person. :biggrin:
Thanks all. I really appreciate the feedback. My local boutique received a shipment of Ramona bags this week and sold all but one (yeah, the one on hold...) on the first day. I have seen the bag in mags, but not IRL.

Is the bag more of a tote than a handbag? Daisy, Airress, Kylie...how does the size compare to a paddy or b-bag? I guess the weight is similar, huh? (Thanks for that comparison Kylie...yeah, paddy is not too heavy for me...). Is the Ramona more of a "classy"/interesting bag?
I consider it to be a shoulder tote and a comfortable one at that. I have read that the bag is too heavy and that the soft leather scratches easily (or people fear it would) but I disagree on both counts. The straps are long enough to be comfy (always an issue with me) and maybe it just has good weight distribution but I don't find it heavy. As far as size, I can't remember the dimensions but it's entirely different in shape and size than the Paddy. Ramona is approx. 17" wide compared to the Paddy at 14.5" and Ramona is definitely taller too. Just a totally different bag.

I've said this before but I NEVER get compliments on my Paddys :shame: but I always get tons when I wear the Ramona.