Jimmy Choo Quality Control

  1. I finally tried on a pair of JC shoes the other day at my local Saks that I have been lusting after.


    They are really sexy shoes on:drool: .Problem.The leather that is inset next to the gold heel was jagged where it met the gold:nuts: .Very disappointing to see a JC product so poorly constructed.Not what I expect of a $700.00 shoe.I hope this is a fluke and not a sign of things to come.
  2. That really sucks:yucky: Could it have been caused from too many people drooling:drool: over the shoe? I sure hope it was not due to poor quality:shrugs:

    I have never tried on a pair of JC shoes and now that I have no place to wear a pair, I doubt I will break down and buy any, but I am curious as to whether they are comfortable and do you feel they are worth the price?
  3. Cute shoes, Samantha. :yes: Hopefully, it's just a fluke, or a case of repeated try-on abuse of the floor model! JC has been in the shoe biz a long time, and I've never seen a shoddy pair before.

    Robyn, I've got a pair of JC classic black pumps and, for what it's worth, I have found them to be more comfortable and better-balanced than Manolo Blahnik heels...

    Incidentally, there's a lot more chatter about this stuff in the shoes subforum...
  4. I wish they had been a floor model but they were brand new to the store.I was the first to try them on.JC past season shoes have been beautifully made:heart:

    Robyn,they are comfortable(as far as heels can be).After wearing them for awhile I noticed I am becoming a little pickier about shoes.
  5. I was in the store in Dublin last Friday and a woman was returning those exact same pairs of shoes due to a tiny tear where the leather was meeting the gold. She hadnt worn them yet so it couldnt have been her. Maybe its just something with that particular shoe.
  6. That sounds like a fluke or too many people trying them on.

    I have yet to get a pair of JC shoes that were poorly made.
  7. That has got to be, imo, the most beautiful shoe in the world. Even though I also have no place to wear a shoe a like that, I tried them on as I have the matching Ramona. crapola.. I have narrow feet and the JC shoes only come in one width. I tried on other shoes, and all were too wide for me to wear. Perhaps with the new CEO, shoes will be offered in a variety of widths?:shrugs: