Jimmy Choo purse newbie- decisions decisions

  1. Hi, my name is Mary and I am a tPF newbie. I am thinking of getting a JC purse in a couple of months, and I have to narrow it down from the Riki, Maddy, Ramona and Mahala. I love the electric blue color, but I also need a new black purse. I am definitely getting the Ivy boots in brown suede. Any thoughts, ideas, encouragement?
  2. You have great choices so I don't think you can go wrong. I'm still waiting to get my first Choo and have my heart set on a black Mahala.

    I would go to one of the boutiques and try them on see what works for you. Good Luck!
  3. I will say go for the metallic blue .....:tup:
  4. I totally love the electric blue color:drool:
  5. ^^Me too! I would love to find a mave clutch on this color:love::heart:
  6. Hi ronsdiva and welcome to our nice little Jimmy Choo subforum! It sound like you are looking at different sizes of bags. Maybe deciding on a size first will help you narrow it down. Alot of ladies seem to prefer the larger bags. My sister in law has the wet look blue Riki. She is petite(5'2") and it looks fantastic on her. I have a Maddy, Mahala, and a Ramona. For me I prefer and use the larger bags more. I am 5'7".Have fun looking at the threads there are quite a few regarding decisions about size. There are some great new colors for fall.
  7. Ohhh go for the blue. Colored bags are so hot!! And you will really get noticed!;)
  8. Hi Mary,
    Welcome to the forum and I hope you love it here:yes:

    My advice, just get one of each! The choices you have picked out are all wonderful and as a 5'1 Choo lover, my favorite bags are the Ramona and the Mahala:yahoo:
    So glad you joined us!
  9. Mary, welcome to the Jimmy Choo forum. =)
    Agree with others that the preferred bag size would help narrow down the choices.
  10. Robyn, you're such an enabler, haha :p