Jimmy Choo POOR quality, pls help!

  1. you have to stay on top of them, don't let them put you off. I'm sure they are able to help but you have to keep contacting them which is aggravating I know....that's terrible to happen so quickly. I know what you mean about the quality though I bought a sequinned JC purse that I fell in love with, only problem is the sequins are so rough they pull on everything I wear, it is so weird, was not put together very well. So disappointed
  2. It was never made with patent trim but it might look kinda cool, although patent will crack in time too, I think. Since that bag is at least 3-4 years old that is great that they will help! As far as having snakeskin trim replaced, I would be afraid to have anyone else mess with the bag.
  3. Yes...keep bugging them.
  4. tonea.charlery@jimmychoo.com - this was the girl from head office I dealt with.

    Try using the standard customercare email address first though (posted above) - they should put you on to someone who can best help you.
  5. Thanks for the feedback!:smile: I called Artbag and they quoted $500 to replace the snakeskin trim on my Ring bag...Hmmm, thanks but no thanks!:tdown:I have another Ring bag in ivory, but the plain trim just looks so boring to me. I LOVE the look of the snake skin trim, but it's just not very durable.

    I'm also thinking that patent may be the best choice, but if it's not original, will people think that it's a fake? Or if I decide at some point to sell it, will it hurt the resale value?
  6. How bad is it? I have a few Choos with the snakeskin trim and have not had a problem...but maybe I should go look closer! I would not worry about anyone thinking it is fake. The resale value of Choo bags is not that great so I would not make that part of my decision.
  7. It's bad...really bad! The water snake trim has worn through to the piping (and the piping is broken), which is very noticeable. The belts look very tired and worn too. Lovin My Bags quoted about $400. Artbag quoted $500 and said that the snakeskin is not very durable and the patent wouldn't be much better. Several others wouldn't even touch it!

    In the end, I told Jimmy Choo to just replace the snake skin with regular leather. It won't be as sexy, but will last longer. I'm just so happy that they were willing to make the arrangements for me and at a very good price!
  8. I recommend contacting Zoe Lewis, Jimmy Choo Customer Service Coordinator.

    I needed some replacement parts and went on their website- and this is who ended up assisting me. She was absolutely wonderful and very apologetic. They had all 4 parts to me in 48 business hours.

    I know you are in need of more than parts- possibly a replacement- so there are no guarantees. But at least she can guide you in the right direction.

    Her info. is as follows: 212-319-1111
    Email: zoe.lewis@jimmychoo.com

    Send her the style/ color/ hardware color/ and numerous pictures of the damage.

    Good Luck!

  9. Thanks for horror stories... I'm glad you guys said something. I thought it was just me. I will no longer be buying them. Thanks.
  10. Long story short, finally I got feedback from London HQ, they asked me to mail the shoes to London to repair for me.
    Last Friday, I received the repaired Jimmy Choo. But I still have some concern.
  11. sorry to hear that no one should have to go thru that :tdown:
  12. Hi! Sorry to hear about your plight. Unfortunately this is not uncommon with Jimmy Choo. I bought a pair of motorcycle biker books lined with rabbit fur in their Selfridges department. This has been the WORSE shoe experience imaginable. After only a few weeks of wear, the leather tore apart, the inside lining completely fell apart, and the whole surface just became replete with scratches. After going to the store, they were appalled and took them in to get fixed. Uneasy, I thought, maybe I should file for a manufacture guarantee, but giving them the benefit of the doubt, I let them "fix" them. After about a month they were returned, and I did not put them on until the following season. Low and behold, they were STILL ripped, and on this wear the metal logo detail in the back came off. As I was in Shanghai, I had to wait to make it to Chicago about a few months later, but this was still only after about 13 months of owning the shoe (Having worn them for only about 4 months). The store managers were rude, refused to take my shoes, refused to allow me to make an official complaint or file for a 'manufacturer defect.'

    I have had two experiences similar with Louis Vuitton and Burberry, and without hesitation have had them refund me completely for shoes/ glasses even out of warranty! Jimmy Choo will not stand behind its product because it can't. They are the worse quality shoes at a price point of $1,000!! I have escalated the issue to the New York office with no response. The Chicago store did not even call me back for an update. They allowed me to call and continue to ask for an update. Heed my warning: Do not ever buy Jimmy Choo shoes, and make sure you share your experiences with other unassuming consumers. When you pay such a high price point, you do so for the experience, quality, and craftsmanship of a product. Jimmy Choo failed on all three counts, and consumers should know. Terrible, terrible, thing, and as has been mentioned above, I will never EVER buy a Jimmy Choo product again.
  13. Wow...I have almost 30 pairs of Choos including a pair of fur lined boots and have never had any problems. The biker boots are made to look distressed. That is so odd about the lining coming apart. Sorry you had this experience...
  14. I had no idea you could ask any stores to repair/replace shoes! They give you an entire refund? What are the restrictions?
  15. I had a bad experience with a Jimmy Choo boutique as well but thankfully I was able to get my money back. In short, I ordered the Anouk pump in the store but when I called the next day for the tracking number they refused to give it to me stating several reasons that made no sense (their account # is part of the tracking number and they weren't allowed to compromise the security of their account, they don't give the tracking # to clients because in the past when they've done so the person would go to the customer's house (I kid you not this is what I was told) and wait for the package to arrive and then steal it, blah, blah, blah). So I cancelled the order and was told that they didn't give refunds and I would have to take a store credit.
    When you buy something from Jimmy Choo they ask you to sign a receipt that acknowledges their 14 day no refund/exchange only policy which is what the sa kept repeating to me. When I told him it didn't matter what I signed he told me he wasn't going to refund my money and told me that they were going to ship the shoes anyway despite the fact that I had cancelled.

    In the end, I wrote a demand for payment letter and faxed it to the corporate office first thing on the following Monday morning. I had a check in the mail at the end of the week but after this experience I'll never buy a Jimmy Choo product from their stores or anywhere else for that matter. In the course of this I also learned that the heels on the Anouk pump (and quite a few other Jimmy Choo styles) are made of plastic. $575.00 or more and the shoes have plastic heels! I also read reviews from long time clients who say that over the years the quality of their products continues to deteriorate (I also learned that the online store and their boutiques are two separate entities), quite possibly due to the corporate takeover of this company some years ago. Just goes to show that "designer" and "quality" aren't synonymous. Customer Service doesn't even come into play as it's nearly non-existent these days.