Jimmy Choo patent leather Riki in bordeaux

  1. Has anyone seen one in the stores recently? I've been looking all over the place and can't find one. :crybaby: Can anyone help me locate one?:sos:
  2. Kat,

    I completely know the frustration of trying to find Choo's patent bordeaux riki/ramona ... it was sheer luck early last month when I stumbled across a patent bordeaux ramona at Saks. One thing I tried when I was looking was calling and emailing Jimmy Choo's customer service (available on their website). You can also call Saks NYC and ask if there is a list for the patent bordeaux riki. This worked in the past with my spy bag (even though I found my spy not too long after I added my name to the list). The trick is getting a helpful SA. I would recommend asking for Rachel ... after I got ramona, she and I chatted about what other choos they're getting in. She knew her Choo handbags and hopefully can help you out. I am sure others on here have other SAs they can recommend. GOOD LUCK -- the bordeaux patent is GORGEOUS and well worth hunting down!
  3. Call Bonnie at the Saks in Atlanta. She's very helpful!
  4. Thanks Stinam and Greenie! I'm on it!:P
  5. Kat.. i spent weeks trying to locate one and i finally located 1 riki in Dubai boutique.. I grabbed it ofcourse!.. didnt see it yet though since im in p aris now and the bag is "safe" with my sister! lol but knowing that ill go back to find the beautiful patent riki in bordeaux make me :jammin: