Jimmy Choo owners...care question

  1. Have any of you braved the elements with your Jimmy Choo bags?

    I've been happily using my new Ramona the last two days, but there is some rainy weather in the forecast for the next two days. Do any of you have recommendations on how to care for it? Do you use it in rain? I'm particularly worried because the Ramona is an open tote and has suede on the inside. I'm not ready to take her out in the rain yet!

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  2. I found Ramona to be very resilient in the rain.
  3. I have the black Ramona and it has resisted all weather! And I live in rainy ol' London!
    I Do suggest a leather protector though..esp if its a lighter colour
  4. A little sprinkle won't hurt. Keep your umbrella handy; I wouldn't get caught in a downpour with it. Spray it really well with apple garde or something similar.

    My stone Ramona has been quite resilient. Although I never wore it for more than two weeks straight. One word of caution, stuff it really well when you store it. They do wrinkle a little when stored.
  5. Wow! Good to know that something so expensive is actually pretty resilient. Should I really get Apple Garde? I've been reading about them ever since I joined the forum, but I'm just too afraid.
  6. Don't be afraid. Apple Garde is great on the ramona. I've used it. It also makes you feel a little better about sprinkles and stuff.