Jimmy Choo On-line Sale!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The Jimmy Choo web site just started their Spring/Summer 30% on-line sale:yahoo:
    Go get some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for letting us know :smile:
  3. woohoo Thanks!!
  4. Black Mahala NOT on sale... phew...:tup:
  5. They have most of the same bags on sale for 50% off in store. Started yesterday.
  6. 50% off IN STORE??? Robyn, is this true????
  7. I just called the Chicago boutique and spoke with a very nice SA named Lynne. She said they are currently at 30% but expect to go to 50% soon (this weekend or next possibly, she wasn't sure.) I don't know about the other locations, but I hope that helps!

    She also said the black Mahala will not be on sale at all. No surprise, but:sad:. I'm looking at a bronze Maddy or Mahala. Any suggestions?

  8. The "Relay" clutch in burgundy is on sale on-line. I'd LOVE to get it at 50% off. If anyone sees it 50% off in the store.... PLEASE LET ME KNOW :kiss:


    Thanks a bunch!
  9. and I thought I was excited when I saw the 30% off, I'm gonna have to find me a store this week. Thanks for posting!
  10. of course a ton of stuff is on sale but not the black leather mahala, which is what I really want. dammit!
  11. I just came back from the JC store in Dallas, 50% off sale going on already. I got a JC7, my first Jimmy Choo :smile:
  12. Will the website have a 50% sale too? I see something I like that the stores don't :yahoo:

  13. I have heard they will, but I am not sure when:confused1:
  14. I just bought the Maddy in bronze last week from jchoo online. It was 30% off. I was afraid if I waited until it went 50% they would all be gone!
    They charge 35.00 to ship so if you have a store nearby go there and buy, buy, buy!