Jimmy Choo on ebay

  1. I want to start selling on eBay. I am starting with some of my own stuff and have great success. I was talking to someone locally who wanted to offer some of her stuff for me to sell, I said great! She has some great stuff, but being who I am, I want to verify her stuff and make sure it is all authentic. I only have her word. I know alot about authentic handbags and markings. She has a Red Ramona Jimmy Choo in great condition and it has all the markings from what I know from my research, but I can't seem to find if they ever made one of these in red. Can someone help me? I want to say it is authentic, but can't unless I can verify. I don't wish someone to pay alot for something they think is authentic.
  2. Can you take it to a JC boutique and have them look at it?
  3. Is it a possibility that the bag came from overseas, sometimes Europe offers different colors.....when I bought mine last year, they only came in Navy and Brown, then the following season offered a few more shades, and red wasn't in that season.......based on my visits to the JC boutique, I haven't seen it in red, either in the shop or in the catalogue. However, the only sure way to find out is to take it in to the boutique or call to find out if red was a color that was offered. I've seen a couple on e-bay and wondered if they were fake. Let us know when you find out for sure.