Jimmy Choo - need more info on this bag

  1. Calling all Jimmy Choo experts...my curiosity has finally gotten the best of me.

    I have come back to this eBay auction several times in the last few days. I'm not sure that I would ever spend $3000 for a bag off eBay, and I certainly wouldn't ever buy it from a zero feedback seller, but I would like more info on this bag if anyone has any... and find out what it is called...if it's even real. :shrugs:

    eBay: Jimmy Choo Limited Edition Crystal handbag (item 170068277419 end time Jan-17-07 11:53:53 PST)
  2. I have several Jimmy Choo bags, but nothing in the "limited edition".

    The tags and carebook I have are different than whats posted in this auction, but may be becuase its a LE so there different.
  3. Wowsers! Now that's an expensive JC! Personally, I wouldn't go for it... there are much better bags out there for way less....
  4. Gorgeous, but I not in my budget:cry:
  5. Wow, now thats what i call a breathtaking bag:drool:
    I love the colour of the leather next to the crystals
    Of course I could never in a million years afford it but its very pretty to look at. Shame nobody bought it.