Jimmy Choo Morgan in Champagne....OR...Ramona Tan

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  1. Hey all,

    I know...completely different bags....I am trying to find a bag that will work in the summer, and large enough to tote around an infant and toddler stuff if necessary. I really love both of these bags...

    How did the Morgan do overall on the forum...I know there were some question marks, and I don't see too much out there on the threads besides Samantha's Collection....does anyone have this and love or hate it? Also, what do you all think of this Champagne color...is it too "blingy??" Would it be practical for a diaper bag?

    The tan Ramona is a classic pretty bag...but not sure is this is a smart investment or not...although this bag is such a Choo classic. I had a Riki, and it was too small for me, so the Ramona may work....this may be more of a handbag...

    I just need a good spring/summer bag, and I live in AZ...so truly I think I can carry either one of these year round....

    Okay....thoughts on either bag??
  2. Love the Morgan and I think the champagne color is lovely. It can definately be carried year round. I think it work better than the Ramona for a diaper bag.
  3. Thanks!! Also, thanks for authenticating!!
  4. I have the Maddy in champagne so I am sure the Morgan would be beautiful in that color.

    While I love my champagne Maddy, I always worry when I carry it...the bag is light so I am deathly afraid of dirt. It is probably just me being neurotic. ;)
  5. Have you thought about the Ramona XL? abilicious got one for the same purpose.
  6. Where can I find an XL?? I am really loving the nude Ramona...just saw it at the Choo store in Phoenix....it was actually camel....the manager there told me that "neutral"-tannish colors are big this summer....and the color looks great with the gold hw....
  7. Would that Champagne color be a disaster to take care of??
  8. There is an XL Ramona on ebay from a lovely TPF'r! It is sitting on a tourquoise sofa...
  9. Can't find it??