Jimmy Choo Mahala or Maddy in Champagne

  1. Hi - I am wondering if any of you have seen the Jimmy Choo Mahala or Maddy in the Champagne metallic leather? I am trying to decide between getting the black or a more "fun" color. I am short 5'2" and have some concerns about the size of the bag. It does seem like everyone short has liked the Mahala size just fine. Thanks for any input.
  2. Oh i would love to see a pic of it in Champagne leather - that must be stunning!

    I love the Mahala!
  3. Hi Katkashmir: Welcome to tPF!

    I haven't seen the Mahala in the Champagne metallic IRL, but I have seen it in the Bronze metallic, and it was lovely. To me, the Bronze color seems a bit more functional year round. (pics from jimmychoo.com)



    The Maddy is cute, but a bit small for my purposes. Most tPFers who have the Mahala are happy with the size. Do you live near a boutique or department store where you could go try them on? For comparison, here's a couple of pics of celebs with the Mahala...



    Mahala champagne.jpg Mahala bronze.jpg Cameron Diaz2.jpg Halle Berry.jpg Claire Danes.jpg
  4. Thanks for the photos and input. I don't live near a Jimmy Choo boutique so I can't see them in person. I could just order them and return if they didn't work. Oh well, that's the way it is. In reality I should just save my $$$$$.
  5. I am 5'1 and I just picked up the Black Mahala. I love it and have no problem with the size. I saw the Champagne Mahala in Chicago last month and it is pretty, but I typically am not fond of light colored bags for myself, so did not pay much attention to the color.
    I love my bag and highly recommend giving it a shot. I too have not JC boutique near me, but I just go to
    Nordies & Neimans to look them over and they purchase from Saks when they have their promos. Good luck and be sure to post photos when you make your decision.
  6. For what its worth, I've read elsewhere that the strap drop length on the Maddy is too small to wear over the shoulder.
  7. I recently had the same dilemma between a metallic or a black mahala. I chose silver because I fell in love with the color and knew I could wear it with just about anything. My sa at the closest jc boutique sent me several pictures of various bags and colors and it really helped me make my decision.the pictures they take tend to represent the bags better than alot of the print ads.The silver from the cruise collection is al ittle different than the s/s metallics.The sueded sections are not metallic.I also have a maddy and love it too.It does fit comfortably over my shoulder and I am 5'7".Good luck and honestly you can't go wrong with this beautiful bag in any color.
  8. Does anyone know how much a JC Maddy weighs compared to a JC Mahala?

  9. Mahala in Champagne is TDF in the pic, but I don't know in IRL which looks better
  10. I do not think the mahala is much heavier than the maddy.I feel if you get the maddy you will also want the full size mahala:nuts: If you get the mahala you just might be perfectly content.Just a thought.I bought a red maddy:yahoo: because I could not find the mahala in red and I loved the color.Let us know what you decide:smile:
    Jimmy Choo Maddy and Mahala.jpg black mahala.jpg
  11. Samantha's Collection: I LOVE your Maddy! Where did you find one?
  12. Samantha: Can the Maddy be worn over the shoulder, or are the straps too short?
  13. I bought it last year and they have since sold out:sad: If you can be patient,I think thay will be available in a deep red color for fall(I know for sure the mahala will be).
  14. I wear it over the shoulder comfortably.I should post pictures showing the difference.
  15. Interesting, thanks for the info. Another member had suggested otherwise!