Jimmy Choo Mahala & Maddy

  1. I'm in love with both of these handbags. However, both are sold out at Jimmychoo.com, and I can only find the Mahala at Saks.com. Any ideas as to where to look? Also, the $1895 price tag is a little too high for my budget, anyone think they will go on sale?
  2. I love these bags too. There are some on eBay but I can't tell whether they are fake or real.
  3. I know! I actually bought one and, of course, it was a fake! I returned it for a refund.
  4. How did you determine fakeness? Is it something you could use to weed out out fakes in the future?
  5. Have you had the SA at the Jimmy Choo check for availability, some of the other stores might have one. Those bags were so popular that they sold out very quickly. One sure way to tell whether or not they are fake is the price. If the price is low, that usually is a good sign it's a fake. Those bags haven't been on sale and would be hard to come by at a low price--I've seen a few on e-bay that are real, but the price is usually well over $1,000, even at the higher price, ask LOTS of questions, where it was purchased, original tags/receipt, etc. I have the red Mahala, and I love it, lots of compliments. Good luck!!
  6. There was a black Mahala on sale at Scoop in Las Vegas last week... around $1100. I was really surprised to see it still on the shelf! You might give them a call - 702.734.0026 If that store is out, you might check others!
  7. wow, thanks so much! i'll try that number tomorrow! hopefully, it's still there.

    i've found a good indicator if it's fake. look at the bottom of the bag. The stitching and the shape is very distinct on the authentic ones.