Jimmy Choo Mahala/Maddy info?

  1. I just wanted to know if anyone had any information about the Jimmy Choo Mahala and Maddy bags? I wanted to know what colours it comes in?

    Also would you say its a hand-held or a shoulder bag? Or can it be both?

    mahala[1].jpg 062MADDYHSL20_large_fr[1].jpg
  2. I know that it comes in the two colors you posted and also a dark green color. Have you tried call a Jimmy Choo boutique to ask?

    It's a really pretty bag! And, having seen it, I think it's more of a shoulder tote, but if you want to use it as a handheld, it looks like it won't be too annoying to hold.
  3. I believe this is the black one you posted. On Halle Berry it looks like it could fit over the shoulder.