Jimmy Choo "Mahala" bag

  1. This bag landed on quite a few "it" lists for fall 2006, and I've seen some pics posted on tPF of celebrities toting it around. But does anybody here actually own it? Anybody like it?

    (I'm so nuts about my Jimmy Choo Ramona that I'm thinking about getting the Mahala too...)
    mahala.jpg 540037.jpg
  2. I've seen it in person and it is quite nice. I like the red better though.
  3. I've seen it IRL and thought it was really wide from the front to the back when I tried wearing it on my shoulder -- even without anything in it, I felt as though my arm had a pillow under it. It just didn't sit as well as the Ramona (:love:), and it seems like it would take some wearing to get it to sit a little better. I also agree that the red is a great color for it.