Jimmy Choo Mahala Bag

  1. Hi Guys

    can you help me, should i get the red mahala or black mahala? I already have a black bag and not red but i am worried red will not be in fashion for long.

  2. red will never go out of fashion. nothing better than wearing a classy, all black outfit and throwing in a red bag!
  3. ^^^^ agree
  4. I wuld kill for that red bag......
  5. I'd like a red one. If worse come to worse, I'd take the black. The Mahala is awesome
  6. The red Mahala is gorgeous, but it's from F/W 06 and it sold out very quickly last year. It could be hard to track one down.
  7. oh the red! its fabulous!
  8. Yes, if you can find a Red Mahala, grab it! :yes: I just purchased the Black Mahala last month.
    I love it, as do my Kitties.:party:
  9. i'd go for red myself.

    still on a quest for the perfect "true" red bag.
  10. i'd pick the red one. it will stand out.
  11. i agree that red will never but out =] its an awesome colour! go for it
  12. I don't own a red bag but I'm going to say red. That bag is gorgeous in red. black is beautiful too though.
  13. Red :love:
  14. RED RED RED!!!! :love::tender::love::tender:

    Red NEVER goes out of style... it's a classic and timeless color!!!

    Good luck in your decision! :flowers:
  15. Did you decide?