Jimmy Choo Made-to-Order Service

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    From Elle...

    elle-00-jimmy-choo-shoes-h-lgn.jpg elle-01-jimmy-choo-shoes.jpg
  2. Interesting...thanks for sharing :smile:))
  3. Interesting. I know Manolo does this. I guess it's starting to be a "thing" to custom order.
  4. Oooh the possibilities! This could be a problem for my wallet
  5. I just got my invitation! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  6. Oh no! Wonderful news for me but my wallet is going to suffer tremendously!
  7. Uh oh...I am afraid to open the email...
  8. bumping this - has anyone ordered custom jimmy's? I love the new Romy so want to get them in red patent... anyone have experience they can share? tia!
  9. update - i did end up custom ordering these. i placed the order towards the end of august (when the factory was still closed), and they arrived 1-2 weeks ago. WORTH THE WAIT!!! love them!! fwiw, i ordered from my local jc store, not via the website or a department store.
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