Jimmy Choo Maddy at Bluefly

  1. For those who are looking to buy one, I saw the Maddy at Bluefly this morning....
  2. crap, it isn't there anymore. i wish i would have read your post yesterday :sad:
  3. did anyone get a chance to see it? or better yet, buy it?
  4. So sorry you missed it courtneymitchell. I was really hoping someone from tpf would get it. I learned about the Maddy when I went to the JimmyChoo website in search of a wallet. I immediately fell in love with the red Utah wallet which I think is the matching wallet for the Maddy. When I saw the Maddy on Bluefly I was really excited and immediately posted it here. I'll keep an eye for another one and will be sure to let you know.
  5. thanks belen!
  6. I called Bluefly this morning. The only had two, and don't know if they'll get more. I'm so upset!