Jimmy Choo lovers...Ayse or Alex? pls help ;)


Jimmy Choo lovers - Ayse or Alex?

  1. Which bag Ayse or Alex

  2. Ayse

  3. Alex

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  1. Hello everyone
    I have a question for all the Jimmy Choo lovers...which bag Ayse or Alex?

    Originally I was interested in the Slk Riki bag, but the sales assocaite showed me the Ayse bag in the black calf, and I feel in love :heart:

    Today I just got introuduced to the Alex, which is more than I wanted to spend but only 200 more maybe it's worth it ?!
    Please adivse - thank you
  2. oh I think the Ayse in black calf is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. oooo really? Thank you soo much, that's the one I got, but I was about to rtn it for Alex due to all the hype I read and all the ads...but I truly do love the Asye. This is my first Jimmy Choo bag...I'm almost afraid to wear it!! lol
    Thank you hunni, ur the best!
    btw...silly q's due to being new on here, TDF is a good thing right ;)
  4. How about a picture of your new bag? I'd love to see it! Lucky girl! I just love a slouch bag so much more than a structured one!
  5. Yes Please..... Lets see photos of your new beauty! I love the look of the Ayse:nuts:

  6. I like the Alex, but both bags look great. The Alex is larger, the Ayse can be a bit dressier if you want because of its size so it will depend on how you want to use them.
  7. Ok I will post a pic for sure! Thank you all for your response, I feel better about my bag now, due to this is the first time I have spend this kind of $ on a handbag...but it's well worth it!
    I will take a pic tomorrow and post. Today was my first day on here so please be patient with me.
    Thanks again for all the comments :smile:
  8. I didn't know what these looked like, so here are pics for others who haven't seen them.


  9. I like Ayse too. Beautiful bag!!!
  10. Thank you for posting the pics, I will take a pic of mine as well. To be honest, the Ayse bag looks so much better in person. the gold hardware and soft leather is amazing! I am so happy to have joined this web site, due to I feel so much better about the handbag now. I am not feeling gulity anymore! ;) Thanks again everyone -
  11. I really like this one: Ayse

    This one looks too "deep" and I think it would frustrate me if I had to use it on a regular basis: Alex

    Thank you zeitgeist4 for getting the pic links!
  12. Ok lets try this again, here are the pics. I hope I'm doing this correct this time ;)
    If you want to see the inside, let me know I have more pics.
    thanks again for all the positive comments - Jimmy Choo lovers are the best!
    jc1..jpg jc.3.jpg jcside2..jpg jcside..jpg Untitled.jpg
  13. Pebbles - your bag is gorgeous! :drool::tup:

  14. :nuts::drool::nuts: Wow
    Congrats and what an awesome intro to Choos:heart:
  15. Welcome ppebbles. Congratulations on your beautiful Ayse! I have not seen it IRL yet. Great choice. I love the Alex too but it looks like it would be very heavy because of all the hardware. I will be visiting a JC boutique in a couple days and look forward to seeing and touching all the new bags:drool:.