Jimmy Choo Lever Leather Sandal - Yay or Nay

  1. The new Jimmy Choo fish heel.

    Heel Height: 115mm/4.5

    Price $1K

    When I first saw this I was :wtf: - what in the world was Tamara thinking when she created this?

    A must have? :rolleyes: Not in my closet!!:nogood:

    What do you think?




  2. It's pretty ... whoa!
  3. No, thanks. I like catching fish and eating it, not wearing seafood on my feet :p
  4. I've never thought of Jimmy Choo as a label that offers good, avant garde designs - they need to leave the avant garde to Pierre Hardy.
  5. It's unique..but I wouldn't wear it.
  6. Don't like it
  7. nay for me. i don't like the fish head.
  8. ITA! :yes:
  9. I like the design - minus the heel. It it were a regular heel I would totally wear those.
  10. I like them, but then I'm a devoted Choo girl. But they are a little bit too pricey, I don't pay for collector's items, only stuff I'll get some wear out of.
  11. uhm, nay! :tdown:
  12. I kinda like them, but more as a discussion piece! I wouldn't ever wear them...
  13. i like them..but i would wear them just for special occasion...
  14. I like them. I can't wear shoes that high, but I might buy them if I could. It's not like you'd see the fish head up close. I didn't even notice it at first, just that there was an unusual heel. I think it would just translate as an interesting detail.
  15. I actually really like these. I think they are unique and definitely an attention grabber. And you probably wouldn't have to worry about anyone showing up in the same shoes.