Jimmy Choo khaki Ramona 1/2 off on Saks.com!

  1. Wow, such a good deal!
  2. Great price! Somebody grab it!
  3. Thank you for posting!!! I GOT IT!!! :nuts:
  4. Ahhhhh
  5. No more!
  6. Cute bag but it's gone!
  7. Wow, you're quick! Congrats. :yahoo:
  8. gone...it is a gorgeous bag....
  9. Congratulations!!!:yahoo:
  10. Congrats!! I almost bought it when I saw it but decided I have bought way too many bags this week. LOL

  11. aww... too bad i missed it!
  12. Miss S

    Well done - you are one lucky lady!

    Lovely - remember to post pics when you get her
  13. Congratulations. You are so lucky!!! :woohoo: