Jimmy Choo Ivette 85mm


Jul 27, 2016
Hi all does anyone have any experiences to share about the Ivette. I tried the Lang and they were too high for me.
These seem to be lower heel but my local JC didn’t have a pair I could evaluate.
Please share if you own these
Aug 4, 2013
Co. Antrim.
Hi, I don’t own the Ivette (85mm) but I do own Jimmy Choo Louise which are 85mm. They are so much easier for me to walk in than the 100mm Choos that I have. I’d say go for the Ivette as their heel height is still high enough to look elegant.
I’m a size 34.5.



May 18, 2015
I have both the Ivette and the Lang. I’m not someone who typically wears heels/stilettos, so take this with a grain of salt.

I thought the Lang looked beautiful both on the foot and in terms of height/proportion, as the straps laid on the foot nicer. The Ivette is a beautiful shoe, but I think when they made the shoe shorter, the straps tend to gape out a bit. In terms of comfort, the Ivette was much more comfortable for me due to the shorter height. I actually wore these on my wedding day through hours of pictures and dancing. The Lang I can’t wear for more than 15 minutes of standing/walking without having to sit. However, my salesperson who recommended them to me told me she’s perfectly comfortable in wearing them for hours. She seems to be much more accustomed to wearing high heels though!
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